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Cloning strategies for functional evaluation of genes in fungus

Por CLAYTON LUIZ En 29/09/17 10:32 Aggiornato il 29/09/17 10:32

Professor: Orville Hernández Ruiz/Clayton Luiz Borges (2 créditos)


Indications for the presentation and discussion of papers


  1. All students should read the papers marked as 1 and 2
  2. Each student must select one of the paper that are attached 

Each student should prepare a presentation that takes into account the following:

Purpose of the paper

Methods employed: With special care in the process of cloning

Results. With special care in cloning results

Discussion: Considering the cloning process. In the discussion, do the authors analyze the relevance and efficiency of this process?

What were the main successes of the paper, and which aspects could be better developed by the authors?


NOTE: When presenting a specific topic, it is necessary to know in some detail the biological and genetic characteristics of the microorganism under study

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